Mercedes-Benz and Audi Automakers won’t sit back as Tesla threatens their dominance

German takes pride in the luxury car market, which has been the case for a long time. However, the rate at which Tesla is proceeding, including creating a Berlin factory, German automakers have a daunting task at hand. They have to maintain the legacy at all costs. After all, luxury automakers play a significant role in the German export industry.

One of the significant German carmakers, Porsche, has already sent a statement to Tesla. The Porsche Taycan indicates that German also has the potential to dominate the electric cars market. It is only about a year since its launch, and other German companies are preparing to shake the market. Both Audi and Mercedes-Benz plan to roll out battery-powered luxury cars. Instead of remodeling the gasoline models or converting them to electric vehicles, the companies have decided to start on a clean slate.

Upon their release, one thing will become crystal clear. That’s whether the German carmakers have what it takes to retain their legacy in the luxury cars market. After all, sooner or later, electric vehicles will be the way to go. Their American counterpart Tesla is also not backing down but rather catching the bull by its horns. For instance, it has established a company in Berlin, Germany. 

Both camps have a lot to lose if the market favors the other party. As for the German automakers, the country’s economy is at stake. As for Tesla, it has a $658 billion stock market value, but it can only make sense to investors if they believe it can overthrow traditional makers and sweep Volkswagen, Daimler, and the likes out of the face of the earth.

Going bit the Porsche Taycan, German automakers have what it takes to retain the dominance. When comparing Taycan and Tesla S, there were ties and wins.  There is a win for Tesla S in price, although the two costs are relatively high. Both of them tie since it can take them only three seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour. Porsche Taycan carries the day if the acceleration is repeated up to 10 times. On the other hand, Tesla slows down once you repeat the acceleration since its battery wears out, according to Car and Driver tests. It turns out that Porsche has mastered the art of maintaining explosive acceleration regardless of whether the battery is fully charged or not.

According to Porsche executive Stefan Weckbach who is in charge of Taycan, the company planned to maintain the original Porsche feel despite the transformation to electric vehicles. That’s also what other German automakers plan to achieve. The nation takes pride in being the origin of the gasoline-powered automobile. Its automakers plan to show that things won’t change will electric vehicles.
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