Renewable energy activities that the Joe Biden administration must ensure come to pass

The US economy is recuperating from the pandemic while Congress and the president find methods of fulfilling the renewable energy programs, they promised the citizens while assuming their responsibilities.

Experts and renewable energy stakeholders have started evaluating the probable arrangement that the solar energy sector and other renewables will take after the hotly contested presidential elections. 

However, there is a likelihood that some states will not accept the plans that Biden and his administration have envisioned due to a conflict of interest. These states will miss out on a great package that Biden promised to provide once he ascended the oval office. Joe Biden is likely to implement the strategies to open room for renewable energy expansion and create jobs in the sector.

First, the president-elect will reshuffle the cabinet to prepare them for climate change objectives’ realization. The Trump administration turned the greenhouse gas emission regulations upside down, choosing to support fossil fuels’ consumption. For example, the reshuffles he made in the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy dismantled any approaches to take up renewables by the country’s states.

Joe Biden emphasized that his primary goal would be the realization of climate change objectives and ensure that Earth remains at an advantage in minimizing global warming and emissions from the country.

The Biden administration hopes to restore sanity in tackling environmental problems by taking and advocating for programs that propel the country towards green energy. He criticized the Trump administration for refusing to adapt to the regulations agreed upon to resolve the climate change problems instead of siding with fossil fuel energy projects.

They won’t be able to fix it all without the legislative branch’s support, of course. But what the Biden administration can do is reset the regulatory environment to level the playing field and give solar and other renewables a chance to compete on their own merits without the fossil fuel industry putting its thumb on the scales against them.

Nevertheless, they won’t meet the targets they hope to realize unless they even out the energy sector to ensure that renewables have an opportunity to battle it out with conventional energy sources in the energy market.

Biden confirmed that they would be re-entering the Paris agreement on climate change, which the previous administration had disavowed. This move signifies the restoration of America to facilitate the uptake of clean energy and fight this battle with the rest of the globe instead of opposing.

Additionally, the allies of America that were skeptical of taking the right stand in the war against emissions will have an opportunity to enjoy the privileges that come with America’s acceptance to be included in the Paris Climate Accords. Business ventures and investors affiliated with renewable energy will have a chance to conduct their operations in a favorable environment.

Furthermore, the subsidies and incentives placed on fossil fuels be shredded to ensure that these businesses and organizations start pursuing clean energy. The gas and coal industries will have to find alternatives that fit into the renewable energy programs to remain relevant or face the Biden administration’s stringent measures. In conclusion, renewable energy programs and strategies will create employment opportunities for American engineers and citizens who lost their jobs in the pandemic season.
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