Augmenting Demand for Hairy Cell Leukemia Treatment Market to Bolster Global Market Revenue Growth During the Crisis Period of COVID-19

Hairy cell leukemia is a rare type of cancer of blood which is caused due to abnormal growth of B cells. Hairy cell leukemia (HCL) is called so as the outgrown B cells or B lymphocyte when examined under a microscope looks similar to hair extending from the surface area. HCL takes time to develop without any significant symptoms also it is not infectious in nature. The production of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets is hampered as there is increase in leukemia cells. The actual cause of the disease is unknown but some study conveyed that it is due some genetic mutation in the cancer cells. HCL is mostly observed in men than in women at the age of 40-60. The treatment is not necessary for the early stages of HCL but may need an occasional blood transfusion or blood test and bone marrow biopsy.

It has been observed that out of all the leukemia’s, hairy cell leukemia accounts for about 2% and thus eventually must be treated after its prominent symptoms. The drivers for the HCL market can be the rural or country side population which is exposed to fertilizers and aging population, due to its rarity it has been difficult to diagnose the cause and thus cannot be associated with any activity or behavior. This market can be affected by lack of awareness by population (elderly) showing symptoms of HCL, as there are no significant research studies conducted on this type of cancer. Thus according to rising incidences of hairy cell leukemia people can be made aware of the symptoms and the age when it starts progressing that is after 50 to approach medical care.

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The Hairy cell Leukemia Treatment market can be classified on the basis of product type and distribution channel.

According to the product type, the hairy cell leukemia can be sun-divided into the following:

  • Chemotherapy drugs
    • cladribine (Leustatin)
    • pentostatin (deoxycoformycin, Nipent)
  • Immunotherapy drugs
    • Rituximab
    • Blinatumomab

According to the distribution channel, the hairy cell leukemia can be sub-divided into the following:

  • Hospitals
  • Pharmacies
  • Cancer Research Organization
  • Long term care center

Over the past 30 years there was no suggestive research conducted for treatment of hairy cell leukemia as the incidence rate was almost same throughout these years. But as the cancer progressed there was a need to develop alternative methods to treat and understand the underlying cause of the disease as it cannot be easily associated with other leukemia’s. Along with chemotherapy there were immunotherapy drugs found out to be effective in treating hairy cell leukemia. Supportive therapy is where with the help of antibiotics and blood transfusion the leukemia can be treated. As the hairy cell leukemia is chronic and progresses slowly it can be very well treated with the following therapies.

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Hairy cell leukemia is more likely to cause among the white people than in the black or Asians according to the incidence rates observed during a survey. Thus North America has the largest market share in hairy cell leukemia market. There are advancements in the treatment regarding leukemia disorders and clinical trials are used to test the effectiveness of the drugs. The other market which presented the large market share was Europe. The hairy cell leukemia market will grow where there is increase in awareness among the aging and the country side population. Also there have been few studies on HCL which limited its diagnosis and thus is not commonly known to its conditions and treatment. There are various cancer associations in the U.S. and U.K. which support these treatments and contribute into the market share of the respective markets.

  • Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd
  • Janssen Global Services
  • Reddy’s Laboratories
  • Emcure Pharmaceuticals
  • Amgen Inc.
  • Hospira

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